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Going the Distance

Ready to LOVE your long-distance relationship?

This is for you if...

  • You’re tired of feeling lonely – even though you’re “involved” with someone

  • Your friends and family just don’t get it! They worry about you being sad all the time and think perhaps you’re better off without your long-distance partner (but you know that's not true!)

  • You constantly feel unsettled and restless and would do anything to “close the distance” between you and your love

This is for you...

This is for all of us who choose to be in a long-distance relationship or “LDR”.

We know it’s going to be difficult from the beginning. But somehow we don’t get how hard it is going to be until we are in the thick of it.

But – as we move deeper into our love for this other person we also begin to realize how truly worthwhile it can be. You have to be really steadfast – and a little bit crazy – to continue to be in an LDR!

If you’ve been in your LDR for some time now and are committed to seeing it through then this is for you.

Hi - I'm Dawn

I'm a life coach and long-distance relationship veteran. I've been in an LDR for more than 10 years myself and I know the undeniable joy and underlying anguish that comes with this kind of relationship.

Most couples are able to "close the distance" in 14 months on average. But not us... we just had to be different. *wink*

I understand how difficult it is to be away from your partner, how low you can get, and how to help you get through the tough times until you can "close the distance" to be together!


Take the Course

Learn to love where you're at in your LDR and be content

  • Connect with your long-distance partner in a meaningful way

  • Help pass the time apart in creative ways

  • Become the best person you can while you wait to be together

  • When you finally do "close the distance", to have the strongest bond possible as you move forward into your future together

Get the Book

Learn how I survived my LDR for over 10 years

Learn how to navigate your own LDR with grace. This book will guide you through the topics of:

  • Trust

  • Communication

  • Self-care

  • Money management

  • Meeting the needs of you and your partner

  • Closing the distance (YAY!)


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