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Your FREE book awaits...

Also, buy a gift for your loved one... on me!

Hey there!  I see you there... soldiering on in your long-distance relationship.

It's hard work!


So, I'd like to reward you...


How would you like to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card so that you can send your love a beautiful gift? (OR... keep it for yourself *wink*)

Here's the deal...


1. Download your copy of "Going the Distance" and read it (get it below)

2. Pull out your phone

3. Take a quick selfie of you holding the e-book 


Then just send me a quick email and attach the photo, and let me know how you liked it!

GTD Mockup Stairs - no text box.jpg
50 Amazon GC.jpg

And that's it!


On September 20th I'm going to pick someone at random and that person will win the $50 Amazon Gift Card.


Why am I doing this?


Simple...  I want to get this book into the hands of as many LDR couples as I can, and if I can show other hopeful couples who this book has helped, I have a much better chance at getting them to read this book as well.


So I could really use your help :-)


That's it for now!


Grab your phone, take that selfie with the book, and let me know how the book helped you...and I hope you win!


Talk Soon! ~ Dawn


P.S. You get a bonus entry if you record a video instead of taking a selfie. ;-)


Download your FREE PDF book by clicking the icon below:




xo, Dawn

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