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Craft Your Vision

So much more than a
vision board ...

Ready to CRAFT a life

you've only dared to dream of?

What would it look like if you quit letting life HAPPEN to you and started CRAFTING it yourself?

Would you...

~ Find a new career that lights you up inside?
~ Start a business that sets you free?
~ Transform your health?
~ Manifest a financial windfall?
~ Get your dream project off the ground?
~ Find your romantic match?

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What is the
Craft Your Vision program?

Craft Your Vision is a self-paced, manifestation and self-development program that uses a multitude of methods and teachings to help you get clear on your deepest desires and achieve them with lightening speed while getting a little bit crafty

Vision Boards: News and Tips
Inside Craft My Vision you get
videos, worksheets, checklists
and so much more...

Module 1:

Introduction + Preparation

  • Welcome

  • Supplies

  • Framework

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Module 3:

You Deserve It ALL!

  • Mindfulness + Deserving

  • Meditation

  • Taking Action

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Module 5:

Vibing High!

  • Keeping your vision front and center

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Module 2:

Ready. Set. Vision!

  • What is a vision board?

  • Important questions to ask

  • Choosing images

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Module 4:

Manifesting + Abundance

  • The science of manifesting

  • Manifestation lists

  • Abundance vs. Money Blocks

  • Clarity

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As a young person just trying to find my way in the world it was the perfect time to take Dawn's Craft Your Vision workshop.  It gave me the opportunity to get clear on what it is I want in my life and the roadmap to do it. So many things on my vision board have come to fruition - including finding my dream job!

~ Abbey G.


Craft Your Vision 
$147 CAD

Vision Board and

Manifesting Program

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