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You once knew what it was you really wanted. But if you’re like most of us, those dreams and goals seem so far away now. In fact, maybe you don’t even know what you want anymore! All you do know is you want this year to be different. But when it comes to actually figuring out what your grand vision is...

Design Your Life 

Vision Board Workshop

September 2020
new + improved version

Are you ready to go after what you REALLY WANT and

 DESIGN the life you've only dared to dream of?

do you find yourself making excuses like...

I'm too old
/ too young

I'm too busy

I don't have enough time

I'll do it on my own

I don't even know what I want

I can't afford it

I don't know how

I've tried it before

Most of us avoid getting clear on and going after our dreams because we don’t think achieving them is possible. We give ourselves excuse after excuse. What if you decided to address those excuses (because that’s what they are!) head on and make this the year you get crystal clear on what you desire and how to make it happen?

What would it look like if you quit letting life HAPPEN to you and you started DESIGNING it instead?

Would you...

~ Find a new career that lights you up inside?
~ Start a business that sets you free?
~ Transform your health?
~ Manifest a financial windfall?
~ Get your dream project off the ground?
~ Find your romantic match?

What is the Design Your Life Vision Board Workshop?

Design Your Life is a workshop that uses various methods to help you get clear on your deepest desires including: pre-workshop exercises, a heart-centering practice to open you to the possibilities and vision boarding to unlock your big vision and make it a reality.

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I'm Dawn

I've been teaching my clients how to create powerful Vision Boards for several years now and practicing it for decades (even though I didn't realize it at the time!)

I’ve manifested so much in my own life: my loving husband, a fantastic job (over 12 years ago), the sale of my previous home and a windfall of money. But here’s my secret: this hasn’t come from just creating a vision board (which is important!). It comes from solidifying the vision, creating a vision board, and removing obstacles and mental blocks that keep us stuck!

A lot of times, we have goals we think we should be going after. They’re logical, realistic, and sensible — they come from our head. But our deepest desires - those lie deep within our heart!

I’ve learned that tuning into those desires starts with getting clear on what it is that will really light you up and bring happiness. Only then can you start to really visualize your dreams.

So tell me… are you ready to Design Your Life and make it all come true?

Inside Design Your Life you will...

~ Get clear on the vision for your life (the key step most Vision Boarding exercises skip!) with a intuitive worksheet and guided meditation

~ Through a heart-centering practice you will connect with your true desires and focus on the areas of your life where you want the biggest change

~ Get crystal clear on what you want to feel, do, have and accomplish

~ Get connected to a private Facebook community of individuals just like you

Design It, Believe It, and Watch It Come to Life!

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As a young person just trying to find my way in the world it was the perfect time to take Dawn's Design Your Life Vision Board workshop.  It gave me the opportunity to get clear on what it is I want in my life and the roadmap to do it. So many things on my vision board have come to fruition - including finding the job of my dreams!

~ Abbey Gartner

Here's How it Works

Design Your Life -

Online Vision Board Workshop

Imagine complete clarity in your life, so that you are vibrating at a higher level
and manifesting all of your heart's desires


Step 1

Discovering Your Desires

This is where you think BIG - like, really big! Know that there are no limits to what you can be, do or have in life. Make a wish!

Meditation by the Sea

Step 2

Letting Go

Once you discover your vision of the future we'll work through letting go of past hurts and limiting beliefs that are holding us back

Step 3

Creating Your Vision Board

Now the fun begins! Time to create the vision of your future that you defined in Step 1


Step 4

Designing Your Life

In this final step we'll define what we need to do to bring the vision to life!

Happy Hiking
Vision Boards: News and Tips
New + improved!


September 2020

Design Your Life

Vision Board Workshop

Vision Boards: News and Tips
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